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Flexible Working Hours

Linguists can set their own schedules from the comfort of their work environment ensuring the projects deadlines are met.

Exciting Projects to choose from

Linguists have the opportunity to work on an extensive range of projects across various industries into several language.

Expert Community

Our supportive community would be pleased to provide constructive feedback and provide advices and new ideas.

Technology Advancement

CAT tool integration powered by automation to aid efficiency across the end to end translation process.

Competitive Earning

We ensure that our linguists are content by providing preferential rates and ensuring payments are made on time.

NDA Agreement

We sign NDA’s with all our Linguists to create a confidential relationship between the involved parties in order to protect the shared information across our secure servers.

Our Sign Up Process is Simple!

Sign Up

Sign up using the “Join our Linguist Pool” and wait to be approved by our experienced Production team at Localize a2z.


We will make an assessment based on your technical skills, industry relevant terminologies and native expertise in the target language.


Linguists can commence working on translation projects immediately post approval and inclusion on our Linguist Database / Portals.

All that you can learn!

  • Localize a2z thrives for knowledge and therefore understands that knowledge sharing is key to high quality deliverables. We offer a supportive community that aids knowledge base sharing to ensure Linguists can achieve a better learning curve from working on our projects.
  • A healthy environment is provided to ensure our Linguists can showcase their existing capabilities while learning from our industry in-house experts across a multitude of industries. We also offer coaching sessions to help boost the confidence of our Linguists and motivate each resource by providing constructive feedback to deliver better results.
  • Our Linguists are content being part of our continuous growing community of industry experts improving existing language-specific rules with our simple to follow guides and in-house lessons. Each Linguist has a personalized score based on a weighted average of their quality on each deliverable which in return reflects their performance internally at Localize a2z.